11 December 2010

Dolls, fairies, and a new world to (re)explore...

I decided that this year, I would seriously get into Noël
and so, Thomas (8), Aston (6) and I started
working on a series of Christmas ornaments for our house.
we got out some paper, scissors, glue,
lace, broderie anglaise,
wool, paint and old-fashioned wooden pegs


Nous avons décidé cette année (mieux vaut tard que jamais) de créé nos propres déco de Noël. Et donc Thomas (8ans), Aston (6 ans) et moi nous sommes munis de papier, sciseaux, colle, dentelle, broderie anglaise, laine, peinture et pinces a linge en bois


Voici quelques unes de nos créations / here are some of our creations

I found that the fairies were the most fun.
ok, our are pretty basic, but they really inspired me.
looking at them, I kept thinking of these dolls that I adore,
made in France. They are the Steiner Waldorf type of dolls (if believe, please correct me if I am wrong)
and they are the most divine dolls I have ever seen. They are not art dolls, they are for playing with, looking after, hugging, etc. Have a look at their blog http://www.happytoseeyou.fr/, it's magical.

And somehow, I discovered these other blogs by seriously talented people
who make dolls, some for playing with, some that are quirky, some that are real objets d'art.

My favourites are:
http://harem6art.blogspot.com - I want one of these dolls for displaying in my house, very funky
http://papillonbleuuk.blogspot.com/ - great dolls and photography

I think I may have found a new passion.
after all, maybe we never do entirely grow up...
we just bury it all deep down
but if we look hard, we can recreate the magic of our childhood,
and as crafters, we can take joy in the process of making dolls,
and the satisfaction of knowing that other little children will have hours and hours of fun with them

And Joyeux Noël to you all (just a couple of days late...)

09 November 2010

Kids' play

les petites choses de la vie...
qui font apprécier la vie
les enfants et leurs jeux
une telle spontanéité
je pourrais passer des heures
a les observer

the simple things in life...
that make one appreciate life
kids and their games
so much spontaneity
I could spend hours
watching them

a blanket and a rattle

a paddle of water

some grass and a bit of mud

a chat with a friend

another baby to play with

sticks and space

a path for a run
surely somewhere interesting to go to

and at the end of the day
a big cuddle with your mum
(it makes it all worth it, doesn't it Hannah?!)

20 October 2010

Well, here we are, my first blog!! It's so exciting. But while I'm trying to get my head around blogging, I thought I would just give you an insight into my world with a few pictures. I hope you will enjoy them.

My world at the moment...
when my two sweet (most of the time) boys are at school
4 and a half months
smiles and giggles
discovering the world
a lot of sleeping, but not always at night!.

a bit of my past
a bit of me
pour toujours

I love wool. Its texture, its colours, what you can do with it. Such a pleasure to handle.
And I love knitting. I am pretty pleased with myself too, because after many years of knitting the annual scarf, I have recently undertaken more audacious projects, with much success. And with English instructions.
So I'm rather proud of myself.

And every thing crafty.
Not that I am that good at them, but I am certainly enthusiastic about them!

Finally, my veggie garden,
mon jardin potager.
I am really excited about it at the moment, as always at this time of the year.
My problem with it: keeping the momentum going.
If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to keep motivated all year round, they would be most welcome.

These beautiful roses are the backdrop of my veggie patch. Aren't they gorgeous?!
They are another reason to enjoy my garden.

And so, that's a bit of me.
With the arrival of Lucie Belle, I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life again.
Some dear friends are walking alongside me on this road and making the journey well worth it.
Amongst these friends are:
Hannah with crafts and op shopping, and much more;
"Racy Tracey" who started my garden (her birthday present to me, I am so grateful);
And of course, most days wouldn't be complete without a nice cup of coffee and plenty of laughter with Sandra!