04 September 2011

flea market finds

we are now concentrating on getting things ready for your trip. we are leaving this thursday to london where we will be staying for 2 days (only, sadly, london being one of my favourite places in the world) with our friends there, then on to france where we will be staying for a month. i can't wait to see my family, it has been 2 years since we last saw them all which is far too long. they will be meeting luciebelle for the first time, which is exciting for all of us. the boys will be working on their fitness levels (!) with my dad, who makes them walk, and walk, and walk.

so last week, i went to a couple of opshops, but only a couple (it was really hard to control the urge to stop at as many opshops as possible!!) because i am saving money and time before we leave. but actually i was so pleased with the tui tin that i found for 50cents that i could happily have left it to that. once again i am sure i found a couple of other things, but i just can't remember what they are...

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