17 July 2011

craft: guirlandes / garlands

this week end i managed to squeeze in some quick crafting, just enough time to make these 'guirlandes' (garland? bunting?). i first saw them on the blog 'les contours du silence' (here), a blog i particularly like reading, it's full of beautiful photos of close ups and patterns. when i saw these guirlandes, i knew i had to make some, and as it happened it was little stella's birthday this weekend, so i had an excuse (and a deadline) to make some. they are really easy to make, all you need is some craft paper scissors, some nice card/paper, and a sewing machine. easy. and fun.



Craft: retro crochet for Lulu

Now that I have finished the peggy square blankets, I've started to crochet a very cute cardie for Luciebelle. Here's the picture of it in the pattern book:

Lulu's is kind of a bluish green / greenish blue (?). The instructions are a bit hard to understand, I'm not such an expert at crochet, especially with English instructions. I hope I'll manage to do it, because I think it is so gorgeous. I also love the little skirt, great fabric. I'll post pictures as I go, and definitely when I'm finished.


Thomas and Aston's peggy square blankets

Thomas and Aston's peggy square blankets are finished.

It only (being sarcastic here...) took a few months, many evenings, sore hands, and lots of money (although 80 per cent of the wool was sourced from op shops).
But it was also lots of fun finding the wool, watching the boys match the colours for their own squares, crocheting.

So, here they are (I'm very proud of them!!).

Cool, don't you think?!!