13 June 2011

Thomas and Aston's peggy square blankets

Thomas and Aston's peggy square blankets are finished.

It only (being sarcastic here...) took a few months, many evenings, sore hands, and lots of money (although 80 per cent of the wool was sourced from op shops).
But it was also lots of fun finding the wool, watching the boys match the colours for their own squares, crocheting.

So, here they are (I'm very proud of them!!).

Cool, don't you think?!!


  1. one of my goals in life is to make at least one of these!! go you.

  2. They look lovely and bright and warm perfect for the weather we are having.

  3. Well done! You should be so proud of yourself. They look sensational and are very precious indeed. x

  4. CONGRATS! YOu have done an amazing job. they look beautiful - your lucky boys! I usually buy them whenever I see them, but one day I REALLY want to learn to make them myself!

  5. What an accomplishment! They are divine! I have loved watching them progress (albeit slowly :) on my visits. Destined to be heirloom treasures for sure, what lovely memories and love they catch.

    X Hannah

  6. Oh My Gosh! These are both so beautiful - I cant even pick a favourite. Myabe I am leaning towards the blue edged one (just a favourite colour of mine!)


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