17 June 2011

Hi everyone, dear treasure hunting friends,

This week was a bit funny for me as far as opshopping went. I went a few times to my favourite shops, but didn't get inspired by much.

And then... on Saturday morning, when I thought all was lost (well, you know what I mean, not that dramatic really, but still....), I entered Connections, and it was all there waiting for me! I spent a fortune (as far as opshopping goes anyway). I love the little things I found, but I have to hide them because really I didn't need any of them and I would be in trouble if they got discovered just now...

Something really funny (now, not at the time, believe me) happened when I was in the shop. I spotted a gorgeous little pale pink teapot, a bit fancy like I had not seen one before, and I thought "yes, mine, I'm having that", walked (fast) to it, put Lulu and my other finds on the ground, and while I was busy doing just this, some lady grabbed the teapot!!!! I hadn't noticed, and I stood up, looked for the teapot, and couldn't understand why I couldn't see it on the shelf anymore, and then I saw her, with MY teapot in her hands...... I had to laugh eventually. Plus, I then sat on the floor with Luciebelle who was busy wrecking the place, and that's when I spotted the little tin retro green bowl hidding somewhere on the lower shelf and I was happy again!

I hope you all had a great time treasure hunting this week (I have no doubt you did!).
While you are here, have a look at Sophie Isobel's blog (her library adventures) to view other people's flea market finds.

Here are my new treasures:

so retro, green enamel bowl

I just fell in love with this little girl and little boy

so pretty

more birds...

another vase in the same style as the one I found a couple of weeks ago

little spice jars.
I bought them because of the green tops, to match the colour of my kitchen!

these are just plastic cups, quite big
I thought they would be a great alternative to the usual stacking cubes
for Luciebelle

Have a great week xxx


  1. Man! The lady totally scooped your tea pot but the bowl is great! Super finds! I think there was a world wide lull in thrift shop supply this week but you did well after all!

  2. All I can say is what a show off! I am as green as your bowl with envy! Love all your stuff. All the things I bought have been hidden in the boot of my car all weekend ... the coast is now clear so I am spending this afternoon getting them out and enjoying them properly! x

  3. oh my goodness! i LOVE that catherine holm style bowl. gorgeous colour. your spice jars are also just lovely. beautiful finds!

  4. that little green bowl is by Catherine Holm and is about as collectable as a collectable can be, you've just hit thrift gold! What a find, my hat's off to you :)

  5. I'd never heard of Catherine Holm but I know I love that bowl by look alone, I bet your green kitchen is looking great with all these matching nic-naks x

  6. Ooh yes, all is right with the world because those Cathrineholm bowls are worth a lot of money. They were made in Norway, designed by Grete Kittelsen. I found a $5 pan myself!


  7. Beautiful finds, and I love the way the thrifting fairies led you to the Cathrineholm bowl.

  8. Lovely Cathrineholm bowl - great find!

  9. thank you!! I always loved things with that design but never new anything about it. I am thrilled. It feels so good to find something you really like and then to discover it's a real collectible and worth quite a bit. I think I won't get in trouble now if it gets discovered!! xx

  10. Awww...those little kids are so cute!
    And the "stacking bowls" seem to be measuring cups. Really NICE measuring cups!
    Follower number 11! :D

  11. Great find on the Cathrineholm bowl! They're getting so hard to find as more and more people recognize what they are. I forget if someone mentioned this - but one reason they're so hot is because they'd been prominently used on Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals show. Also have been featured in a lot of magazines online and in print.

  12. Love those plastic cups!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  13. Love the green enamel bowl! Sometimes you just have to hold old 'til the last second!


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