06 June 2011

My goals this week

That will be interesting... I am going to have goals for this week and make them public, the idea being that this public commitment might help me achieve these goals. Mmmm....

If someone out there has got some great tips on how to commit to achieving your goals, please do let me know, I could really do with some help!! Maybe others might too!

  1. finish Thomas's peggy square blanket (Wendy is doing Aston's, and she is far ahead of me...)
  2. post some photos of the children to my parents in France
  3. read one Notebook: magazine I haven't yet read
  4. tidy up one area of my house (I think the table that ends up as the dumping ground)
I think that's enough for this week.

Do you have goals too? I wonder what other people's goals are...

Enjoy your week ahead xx

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