14 June 2011

Photo series: flowers

I was visiting Stace's blog (Lil Knight Lights) last night and I got inspired by her post. I thought it could be a good idea to start a series of posts to show you some of the 'art' photography I take when I have the time.
With Luciebelle's appearance in our life, I have had little time recently to go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the light is at its best, but I will be starting again soon...

So, here are some of my photos. This week the photo series: will be of flowers, and next time it will be landscape I think. I hope you enjoy them xx



  1. Wow! they are brilliant. I hope when the little Miss gets more independent, you have more time to take photos, as this is really art.

  2. Wow Flo, a women of many talents! I can attest! You continue to amaze/inspire/impress me. You definitely have a gift, you must must take it further when you have the time.

    X Hannah

  3. agree with Hannah totally! just beautiful. cant wait to see more xx


I love reading your comments. Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly beautiful people out there. Thank you.