11 June 2011

Flea market finds

Bonjour a toutes les amoureuses de trésors,
I love this time of the week, I'm nearly as addicted to it as to opshopping. It's so much fun sharing with others who have the same interests as you. I'll be spending quite a bit of time today on Sophie Isobel's blog (her library adventures) checking everyone's treasures.

So, here are my little finds this week...

I find these little trays on legs (don't know their name...) adorable.
This is my second one now.

amazing blue hues

so retro

and that one too

I like this blue blanket...

...but I like its label even more!

I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you here same time next Sunday!


  1. LOVING your retro crockery finds! So much fun!
    Thanks for playing along.
    Sophie x

  2. They were always TV tables to me. I used to badger my mother to buy some...but she never would. I was always impressed that the Royal Family used to eat their meals from them (or so they said on that 70's special of the Family) Even at a young age, I wanted to do everything the royals did. Pitiful. I had forgotten all about them. THanks for reminding me. I shall look for some next oppy visit, and maybe the Oprah gods will send me one.

  3. oh Florence, wonderful finds, and yes, Nick is right, TV Tables. My family steadfastly refused to used them too when we were kids(early 1960s). Meals AT THE TABLE, NO TV, but by the time I'd left home, married, and returned in the late 1970s Mum and Dad used them every evening and ate dinner while watching the news! so not fair!!!

  4. hello!
    i never find them on legs, those trays. they'd be handy for the garden, off our future kitchen..!
    the blue blanket looks so comfy and of course... that label!!!

  5. oh my! they are all so divine! i love the tray on legs and the patterns on the other tray and mugs make my heart beat faster.

  6. I believe some people collect those NZ wool blanket labels! I like the Kaiapoi woolen mill labels, though they dont have a pretty robin on them, because I live near the old Kaiapoi mill.

  7. That floral tray is darling. I have a thing for metal trays with floral designs on them. They are so cheerful. I could see myself watching an episode of American Pickers whilst eating my dinner on that tray. Lovely finds all of them!

  8. Fun fun fun retro finds! I also couldn't help but admire the chair next to the tray... and all of those books... beautiful!

  9. I love the tray. We always called them tv trays growing up. I have always loved the designs on them and they are so useful.

  10. Yes, I agree these 'tv' trays are wonderful. I've had my first one for a couple of years (I had never seen them before then) and always thought it was just a (cute little) table. Now that I know, thanks to you all, what they are for, I'm thinking I need to find more so that we can all have our tv tray to eat our dinner on on Sunday evenings when we treat ourselves to a movie and dinner in front of the tv. Brilliant!!
    Thank you for all your feedback. This blogging business is so much fun and we can learn so much from each other. Merci, merci xxx

  11. Cool! Love the tea tray.. I've got a collection of those and the kids LOVE them! Very funky crockery! Congrats!

  12. Oh yeh they are called TV trays and I enjoyed reading the other comments about them! Yes it looks lovely in that little corner.
    We have one for each of the family plus a couple of spares, and they come out on Friday nights usually!

  13. Lovely finds - with the blanket and the tray you never need to leave the sofa!


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