all the beautiful things that used to belong to someone, and that are now my treasures...

25 June 2011

opshop treasures

Sometimes, life is funny. This week I bid for a lot at our local auction (first time for me): there was one of those scalloped edge round mirror that I like and collect and a tin that was lovely in that lot. I got it for NZ$5, so I was pretty happy with that. Although I had to let the gorgeous dining table go because it was not quite right shape, such is life... Anyway, in the lot was the 'mushroom' casserole dish, which I quite liked but wasn't so sure about. Until my friend Zoe spotted that, believe it or not, is a Cathrinholm piece!!! Yes, I kid you not. After last week's find, I was amazed. So, in one week, I got 2 Cathrinholm pieces... A good week I'd say!!

here it is!

Then, in my favourite opshop, I found this beautiful Don mid-century sofa bed. We had been looking at buying one for years. It is in excellent condition and cost me... well, such a small amount of money... And it goes great in our house. Really a good week!!

Zoe had this great idea of using old glass lamp shades as tea light covers.
They look stunning, and for only 50cents.

I adore this thermos, completely my colours and bold patterns
can't wait for summer to set it up outside, on crochet blankets
alongside our afternoon tea

and this retro turquoise plastic container
very retro indeed

I love opshopping!!!

Check out others finds here on Sophie Isobel's site Her library adventures.
Enjoy the week ahead.
We are off to Fiji for a week, so will be in touch next Tuesday

11 June 2011

Flea market finds

Bonjour a toutes les amoureuses de trésors,
I love this time of the week, I'm nearly as addicted to it as to opshopping. It's so much fun sharing with others who have the same interests as you. I'll be spending quite a bit of time today on Sophie Isobel's blog (her library adventures) checking everyone's treasures.

So, here are my little finds this week...

I find these little trays on legs (don't know their name...) adorable.
This is my second one now.
amazing blue hues
so retro
and that one too

I like this blue blanket...

...but I like its label even more!

I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you here same time next Sunday!

05 June 2011

Op shopping treasures

Hello Everyone,
Opshopping on Saturday was so much fun. I experienced a real high in one shop where I got all these precious things:
a small and romantic art deco vase, a gorgeous glass cake stand (I literally run to it when I saw it, a move that has made me feel rather shameful since...but then again...I do love it and it only cost $3!!), and a cool fruit bowl with a spiralling scallop shell motif. And those beautiful retro thread spools with the most amazing thread colours: deep purple, orange, strong yellow, emerald green, soft pinks. To die for. I can't even craft with them, they are so beautiful (pity!).
And thank you to Sophie for giving us the opportunity to show off our little finds each week here. It's so much fun!
Have a great week xx