La grammaire est une chanson douce, by Erik Orsenna
This book is for all of you out there who love the French language and can read in French.  It is about grammar, but it is a novel, easy to read and I found it fascinating.  It is a lovely story and the way grammar is discussed will make you all love French grammar again.  Yes, really!  I loved this book, it reminded me of Le Petit Prince. (May 2011)

Les chevaliers du subjonctif, by Erik Orsenna
This story is the follow up from La grammaire est une chanson douce.  The author tells us that the subjonctive is the tense that is all about dreams, possibilities, and desires, and therefore how could we not love it?  It really made me think of this tense as one of the most wonderful ones there is in my language.  Wonderful! (May 2011)