25 June 2011

Photo series: eery

hello, bula from Fiji. its heaven here. we left NZ just at the right time, when things were really starting to be cold and bleak. We arrived on Monday, in paradise literally. Bedroom looking directly onto the beach, beautiful weather, hot and dry, lovely food, and most importantly, the loveliest people I have ever met. Fijians are just so caring and friendly, it is making my stay here magical.
For my second Photo series: I chose my 'eery' pictures. I love misty mornings and ethereal looking things and places. I hope you will enjoy these photographs, they are some of my favourite.
Back home on Monday, with more postings, maybe some photos of Fiji!

opshop treasures

Sometimes, life is funny. This week I bid for a lot at our local auction (first time for me): there was one of those scalloped edge round mirror that I like and collect and a tin that was lovely in that lot. I got it for NZ$5, so I was pretty happy with that. Although I had to let the gorgeous dining table go because it was not quite right shape, such is life... Anyway, in the lot was the 'mushroom' casserole dish, which I quite liked but wasn't so sure about. Until my friend Zoe spotted that, believe it or not, is a Cathrinholm piece!!! Yes, I kid you not. After last week's find, I was amazed. So, in one week, I got 2 Cathrinholm pieces... A good week I'd say!!

here it is!

Then, in my favourite opshop, I found this beautiful Don mid-century sofa bed. We had been looking at buying one for years. It is in excellent condition and cost me... well, such a small amount of money... And it goes great in our house. Really a good week!!

Zoe had this great idea of using old glass lamp shades as tea light covers.
They look stunning, and for only 50cents.

I adore this thermos, completely my colours and bold patterns
can't wait for summer to set it up outside, on crochet blankets
alongside our afternoon tea

and this retro turquoise plastic container
very retro indeed

I love opshopping!!!

Check out others finds here on Sophie Isobel's site Her library adventures.
Enjoy the week ahead.
We are off to Fiji for a week, so will be in touch next Tuesday

21 June 2011


I will be starting Zoe's attic soon, but before I am organised I wanted to give you a little insight into her world, with a picture of some Chanel perfume bottles that I literally fell in love with, total 'coup de foudre' (love at first sight literally). They are small, elegant, very classy and timeless.

There are many more beautiful perfume bottles in Zoe's attic. I can't wait to photograph them and show them to you.

See you soon xx

17 June 2011

Hi everyone, dear treasure hunting friends,

This week was a bit funny for me as far as opshopping went. I went a few times to my favourite shops, but didn't get inspired by much.

And then... on Saturday morning, when I thought all was lost (well, you know what I mean, not that dramatic really, but still....), I entered Connections, and it was all there waiting for me! I spent a fortune (as far as opshopping goes anyway). I love the little things I found, but I have to hide them because really I didn't need any of them and I would be in trouble if they got discovered just now...

Something really funny (now, not at the time, believe me) happened when I was in the shop. I spotted a gorgeous little pale pink teapot, a bit fancy like I had not seen one before, and I thought "yes, mine, I'm having that", walked (fast) to it, put Lulu and my other finds on the ground, and while I was busy doing just this, some lady grabbed the teapot!!!! I hadn't noticed, and I stood up, looked for the teapot, and couldn't understand why I couldn't see it on the shelf anymore, and then I saw her, with MY teapot in her hands...... I had to laugh eventually. Plus, I then sat on the floor with Luciebelle who was busy wrecking the place, and that's when I spotted the little tin retro green bowl hidding somewhere on the lower shelf and I was happy again!

I hope you all had a great time treasure hunting this week (I have no doubt you did!).
While you are here, have a look at Sophie Isobel's blog (her library adventures) to view other people's flea market finds.

Here are my new treasures:

so retro, green enamel bowl

I just fell in love with this little girl and little boy

so pretty

more birds...

another vase in the same style as the one I found a couple of weeks ago

little spice jars.
I bought them because of the green tops, to match the colour of my kitchen!

these are just plastic cups, quite big
I thought they would be a great alternative to the usual stacking cubes
for Luciebelle

Have a great week xxx

Craft: retro crochet for Lulu

Now that I have finished the peggy square blankets (here), I've started to crochet a very cute cardie for Luciebelle. Here's the picture of it in the pattern book:

Lulu's is kind of a bluish green / greenish blue (?). The instructions are a bit hard to understand, I'm not such an expert at crochet, especially with English instructions. I hope I'll manage to do it, because I think it is so gorgeous. I also love the little skirt, great fabric. I'll post pictures as I go, and definitely when I'm finished.

16 June 2011

Liebster blog award!

Yeah, I got an award, how cool. This is it:
I'm relatively new to blogging, I love it, just as much as :
  • spending time with my dear friends (and family, but that goes without saying really)
  • taking photos
  • opshopping
  • crafting
  • reading
  • there must be more, but at the moment these are the things I'm enjoying most
So, it was so thrilled to receive this award, kindly offered to me by Op Shop Mama. Thank you so much. It is nice to know that there are people out there who like my blog.

This award is for 'small' blogs (meaning with less than 100 followers I believe), and it is nice to pass it on so that others who are not well known yet, but have a lot to offer, can be discovered by others in this fascinating blog world.
Here are the bloggers I would like to pass this award to:
  • Stace @ Lil Knight Lights
    I like the way Stace tells her life story through cool pictures.
  • Hannah @ Simple Soup and Soul
    My dear friend who has a lovely family and shares her loves with us.
  • Custardino (here)
    A real opshopper, I like how she shares stories about her life and opshopping and how she talks about her found treasures
  • Rae at Say it ain't so
    A serious opshopper who finds some very cool treasures every week. She is fun and honest.
Have a great week end!

14 June 2011

Photo series: flowers

I was visiting Stace's blog (Lil Knight Lights) last night and I got inspired by her post. I thought it could be a good idea to start a series of posts to show you some of the 'art' photography I take when I have the time.
With Luciebelle's appearance in our life, I have had little time recently to go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the light is at its best, but I will be starting again soon...

So, here are some of my photos. This week the photo series: will be of flowers, and next time it will be landscape I think. I hope you enjoy them xx


13 June 2011

Thomas and Aston's peggy square blankets

Thomas and Aston's peggy square blankets are finished.

It only (being sarcastic here...) took a few months, many evenings, sore hands, and lots of money (although 80 per cent of the wool was sourced from op shops).
But it was also lots of fun finding the wool, watching the boys match the colours for their own squares, crocheting.

So, here they are (I'm very proud of them!!).

Cool, don't you think?!!

11 June 2011

objects of desire

I have made a list of some of the beautiful objects I really would love to own:

a sweet little suitcase, like this one on Etsy, here

a vintage train case (on Etsy, here)

an extra long wooden table. I fell in love with this one on Down that little lane blog (here)

a standard lamp (this one is different, covered with wool from head to toes, here)

this Cath Kidston underbed storage bag, that would be very useful and prettier than what's there at the moment! Plus, they are actually quite cheap, so I'm looking into getting a couple right now...
And I'd love to be the proud owner of one of these absolutely gorgeous Ruche tops: so many beautiful objects to dream about...

Flea market finds

Bonjour a toutes les amoureuses de trésors,
I love this time of the week, I'm nearly as addicted to it as to opshopping. It's so much fun sharing with others who have the same interests as you. I'll be spending quite a bit of time today on Sophie Isobel's blog (her library adventures) checking everyone's treasures.

So, here are my little finds this week...

I find these little trays on legs (don't know their name...) adorable.
This is my second one now.

amazing blue hues

so retro

and that one too

I like this blue blanket...

...but I like its label even more!

I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you here same time next Sunday!

09 June 2011

Goals and bits and pieces around the house

One of my goals this week was to tidy up one area of my house. I did it, and feel really happy that at least one area in my house is tidy. Ok, it wasn't the trickiest area to tidy up, but one has to start somewhere...! And my entrance was looking really horrible (as you can see on picture) and really needed to be worked on.



I am still working on Thomas's crochet blanket, I am pretty sure it will be finished by Sunday. Affaire a suivre...

In the meantime, Lulu has fallen in love with herself in front of the mirror, and at the same time practises her 5th word, 'béby' (a mix of the French 'bébé' and the English 'baby' - that's her!!)

And I felt like taking a few pictures of objects in my house...

Have a great weekend. It is wet here, so maybe there won't be any rugby for the boys and plenty of time together inside, which will be great for finishing the blanket!