09 June 2011

Goals and bits and pieces around the house

One of my goals this week was to tidy up one area of my house. I did it, and feel really happy that at least one area in my house is tidy. Ok, it wasn't the trickiest area to tidy up, but one has to start somewhere...! And my entrance was looking really horrible (as you can see on picture) and really needed to be worked on.



I am still working on Thomas's crochet blanket, I am pretty sure it will be finished by Sunday. Affaire a suivre...

In the meantime, Lulu has fallen in love with herself in front of the mirror, and at the same time practises her 5th word, 'béby' (a mix of the French 'bébé' and the English 'baby' - that's her!!)

And I felt like taking a few pictures of objects in my house...

Have a great weekend. It is wet here, so maybe there won't be any rugby for the boys and plenty of time together inside, which will be great for finishing the blanket!

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