21 June 2011


I will be starting Zoe's attic soon, but before I am organised I wanted to give you a little insight into her world, with a picture of some Chanel perfume bottles that I literally fell in love with, total 'coup de foudre' (love at first sight literally). They are small, elegant, very classy and timeless.

There are many more beautiful perfume bottles in Zoe's attic. I can't wait to photograph them and show them to you.

See you soon xx


  1. So delicate! Amazing discovery.

  2. Crumbs ... What an honor! Your photos are magic!x

  3. Lovely perfume bottles. I had to rush to Lakota's blog to check with the date for the swap but I'm right on course, might even get it posted away the end of next week. I'm feeling particularly smug I must say, I'm so organised even though I claim to have "earthquake brain". Of course I'll need your address and I'll send you mine.


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