20 October 2010

Well, here we are, my first blog!! It's so exciting. But while I'm trying to get my head around blogging, I thought I would just give you an insight into my world with a few pictures. I hope you will enjoy them.

My world at the moment...
when my two sweet (most of the time) boys are at school
4 and a half months
smiles and giggles
discovering the world
a lot of sleeping, but not always at night!.

a bit of my past
a bit of me
pour toujours

I love wool. Its texture, its colours, what you can do with it. Such a pleasure to handle.
And I love knitting. I am pretty pleased with myself too, because after many years of knitting the annual scarf, I have recently undertaken more audacious projects, with much success. And with English instructions.
So I'm rather proud of myself.

And every thing crafty.
Not that I am that good at them, but I am certainly enthusiastic about them!

Finally, my veggie garden,
mon jardin potager.
I am really excited about it at the moment, as always at this time of the year.
My problem with it: keeping the momentum going.
If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to keep motivated all year round, they would be most welcome.

These beautiful roses are the backdrop of my veggie patch. Aren't they gorgeous?!
They are another reason to enjoy my garden.

And so, that's a bit of me.
With the arrival of Lucie Belle, I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life again.
Some dear friends are walking alongside me on this road and making the journey well worth it.
Amongst these friends are:
Hannah with crafts and op shopping, and much more;
"Racy Tracey" who started my garden (her birthday present to me, I am so grateful);
And of course, most days wouldn't be complete without a nice cup of coffee and plenty of laughter with Sandra!


  1. Well done! Welcome to the blogging world. Yet another reason to stay up late and avoid housework! I love love love it!
    I look forward to following more of your homespun adventures here.
    X H

  2. Bravo Florence!
    Mes félicitations avec ton premier et j'espère pas ton dernier Blog.
    J'ai adoré!
    Tes photos me donne un sentiment sereine.
    Oui, toi aussi tu m'inspire. Merci.
    Bon, et maintenant on va se boire ce café et se marrer un bon coup? ;-)
    Continu comme ça, c'est du beau travaille.
    Bisous, Sandra.


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