09 November 2010

Kids' play

les petites choses de la vie...
qui font apprécier la vie
les enfants et leurs jeux
une telle spontanéité
je pourrais passer des heures
a les observer

the simple things in life...
that make one appreciate life
kids and their games
so much spontaneity
I could spend hours
watching them

a blanket and a rattle

a paddle of water

some grass and a bit of mud

a chat with a friend

another baby to play with

sticks and space

a path for a run
surely somewhere interesting to go to

and at the end of the day
a big cuddle with your mum
(it makes it all worth it, doesn't it Hannah?!)

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  1. oo thats our nephew Ethan!! hello Florence i'm Stace Hannah's sis in law xxxx


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