05 January 2011

les moments doux de cette année / this year's very special moments

  • not having to return to work at the beginning of the year!
  • having Thomas at home for 3 months while he was doing his CE2/French school year by correspondence.
  • Luciebelle's arrival - a dramatic one but what a special moment when I finally got the chance to see her.
  • the renovation on our house finally completed. We love our house.
  • crafts, crafts, crafts, and the beginning of our crafts group. Love it!
  • the new skills I learnt this year (my knitting and sewing in particular) brought fulfillment, happiness and a real sense of achievement.
  • my birthday was very special this year. Nicholas was away and my closest friends organised a little party for me. We had fun!
  • my birthday again - having high tea with Sandra in some beautiful location - extra special.
  • the closest people in our life were so generous with their time to make sure that I would cope during Nick's travels this year when Luciebelle was a tiny baby. I don't think I could have done it without you all.
  • Hannah introduced me to the delights of op shopping, it's so much fun.
  • all the special times spent with my kids and their father.
  • watching my children grow up.
  • coffee with a friend.
  • friends. I feel so lucky to have such close friends. They have a very special place in my heart.

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