16 November 2011

we are back

hello everyone,
yes we are back. a little while ago actually. but it has taken all this time to get settled in our 'normal' lives again, get over the jetlag which was quite something this time mainly due to luciebelle deciding that this plane business was toommuch fun and therefore there was no way she was going to sleep..., get things organised at home again, etc...
we had a great time in london and courchevel in france where my parents live. i didn't have access to the internet there, no tv, and no cellphone. it felt a bit strange and i missed reading your blogs at times, but then it was also quite nice to focus on other things and just enjoy my time with my kids and my family and friends. i will post some photos soon-ish, there are just so many that it is taking me a while to sort them out.
in the meantime, i leave you with a few other shots i have taken back at home of lulu and her dear papa.
it feels good to go on an adventure, and it feels even better to come back home!


  1. Florence,
    Welcome back! Looking forward to getting caught up with your life.

  2. aw Luciebelle, these photo's are devine

  3. Wow, I love your wallpaper! Gorgeous (and the little cutie sat in front of it)


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