08 January 2012

and a new year

wow, how fast time goes. it's already a new year. i wish you all a great 2012, a new start, a fresh continuation of what goes on already.
i've been wondering: there are so many things i'd like to do better, so many little things to fine tune. but, will i manage to stick to the new plan, or like every year, will i let the old habits dictate my life? there are not too many things i am planning to improve or change (small goals, not too many of them at any one time is the way to do it, isn't it?), i've written them down in my journal, and i just hope i won't get too swamped with other things that will eventually take me away from my little goals.

i've upgraded to an iphone, which i really adore, so i'm just about to see if the photos from it are good enough to feature on my blog. let's see.


a little stroll in the park

aston and lulu in the veggie garden, eating peas

lulu and ethan


  1. i love the photo's i phones take, love the hazey photo's xx

  2. gorgeous photos, angelic children, happy new year x

  3. one thing is sure, it's much easier and faster this way than with my camera, and i'm happy with the quality. Yeah!!

  4. Welcome to 2012! It is good to hear from you. I think your experiments with your iPhone are amazingly successful.


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