22 January 2012

our trip to wellington

this weekend we went to wellington, the capital city of new zealand. it's a 4 hour drive from our home. 3 kids in the back, slow traffic, so we had a few interesting moments... we stayed with our friends rob and lou, we spent time with karen and toby (nick's brother and his girlfriend), we visited te papa, the zoo, toby's house, a great cafe by the sea, we went to the movies, ate at a mexican restaurant.
it was a great weekend, i love wellington, it's such a cool city.

on the road


toby's garden

wedding dresses exhibition (from V&A museum in london) at Te Papa - a chance to win a $2000 new wardrobe - maybe next time!

cool retro cafe by the sea


  1. What a great record of your trip - I especially love the "On the Road" series.

  2. thank you brenda, it was a lot of fun, all taken from the car as we were driving!


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