01 February 2012

my creative space

I had one craft project planned for the holidays (i was being quite realistic about how much i could achieve while the children were on holiday!), and i did it 2 days before the end of the holidays!! it took 6 weeks to think about it!

I had seen on stace ewens's (of lilknightlights.blogspot.co.nz) board on pinterest a tent made out of sheets and bits of material. i loved the idea so much i went to my pile of sheets and got any of them, i thought it would not really matter at the end which ones i used and actually i think it helped the look of it. it looks quite bohemian (it's so imperfect too due to my lack of sewing ability and that kind of works to give it that look that i adore). i cut large squares in each sheet and sewed them together, 30 or so of them. et voila!

i was so pleased i did it, albeit at the end of the holidays. it wasn't so hard or time consuming in the end. i love the look of the tent next to my cane seats covered with vintage crochet blankets. the kids loved it and we spent quite a bit of time in it in the last two days together.

please do have a look at the beautiful craft projects on our creative space

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  1. Fantastic! Loving the feel of your photos too - I could almost believe I was there. xx

  2. stunning!!!! Am going to make one of these for the wedding for the kids!!! A teepee is in the too hard basket now i think, so much to do so little time. xx

  3. Looks gorgeous! You've done a wonderful job and your pictures are stunning! May well have to make one of these for my poppets. Hope you have a lovely rest of your week :)

  4. That looks awesome! I love how you put heaps of blankets down underneath to make a great reading nook! Very cool.

  5. Florence - what a delight! Such a very special place for you and your children. As you said, the "imperfections" only give it much character and treasured memories. Wonderful!

  6. Ahhh that looks like fun in there!! Great colours, the tent and the atmosphere..
    Lovely little getaway space!

  7. LOVE this idea! I'm gunna copy ya!


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