13 March 2012

is it a dahlia?

i saw this most beautiful flower, i think it's a dahlia, in a friend's garden the other day, it was just enormous and its shade so attractive i had to photograph it.
pretty, isn't it?


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! But I have no idea what it is. Love your blog :-)

  2. I'm afraid I can't help with identification either as I am hopeless with flower names but I can say that this is a gorgeous photo. The subtle range of pale pinks with touches of yellow are amazing. And the lovely radiating pattern of overlapping petals. I can certainly understand why you "had" to capture this.

  3. oo such a soft creamy pink! It def looks like one,Dahlia's do have a large range of colours & even petal shapes. My dream is to have our home surrounded in flowers!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes it' a Dahlia! I love them. They are real granny flowers in my mind. People used to plant a row at the front of their property, all the colours of a rainbow!! They grow from a tuber.


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