17 March 2012

treasured finds

I had decided not to opshop so much anymore because my house was filling up with too much stuff and it was making my head spin with panic at the sight of all these things all around me.  But then, I keep looking at other people’s blogs and the gorgeous things they find in charity shops, and, well you know....so I looks like I am losing the battle…. So, this morning I loaded the 3 kids at 8am in the car and off we went to town to visit one of my favourite opshops, which happens to open at 8.30 on Saturdays.  We were 10 minutes late, so I was a bit worried that all the goodies would be gone already.  As it turned out, there was no one in the shop, and the first customers to arrive after us were about 30 minutes behind us.  But then again, that didn’t make such a big difference, because there wasn’t much to get excited about.  I did find a lovely cotton sheet, a retro sort of bark cloth blanket/cover(?), my second retro one so I was rather pleased about that, and a couple of bits and pieces for the kids.  Yesterday I also found this gorgeous top, I am so in love with it, I would like to wear it every day, but maybe not…!  over the last couple of months, i have also been collecting some lovely old mirrors to put on our big wall, i still need more, but small ones so i'll just be patient until i find the right ones.  i love the look for them on the wall. and the bird cages, that's a work in progress...
That’s it really.  but there will be many many more cool finds at her library adventures's flea market finds on sunday.
Have a good weekend


  1. Gorgeous top! I love your mirrors and fabulous colours in the fabric... Pretty marvelous finds for just one visit. Bird cages? Hmmmm sounds very interesting... Cant wait. Love your photos :-)

  2. Your mirror wall is lovely! Do tell us what you are up to with that birdcage... Id love to get one, paint it a bright colour and hang it in clauds room to house all her soft toys.

  3. Love the look of grouped vintage mirrors. Sweet floral sheet too. x

  4. Love the old fabric. The mirrors look great grouped together!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I love your collection of mirrors. They are so hard to come by in Brisbane. And the bird freak in me is wondering what you have planned with birdcages!

  6. The mirrors look amazing with all the different shapes. Love! xx

  7. I just found your lovely blog via Her Library Adventures. All of your finds were great, but I just love your mirror wall!


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