31 May 2011

Joyeux anniversaire Luciebelle

How fast time goes, Luciebelle is one today. She has brought so much to our family since she was born, she's been a real blessing. We all love her so much. We had a tiny little party for her with family coming for afternoon tea. A few balloons, a sweet little tutu bought from the $2 Shop (3 of them sewn together and adorned with little roses and one big one), some cute presents, and of course homemade cup cakes. I had never done cupcakes before, they are not very French! But, with some help from the expert (!!), a lot of fun and two hours later, we had two dozens prettily decorated cupcakes. I bought some flowery little plates from my favourite opshops, et voila! A cool little party for Lulu.

Lulu in her pretty party tutu

the cupcakes

the homemade decorations

gorgeous plates

Zoe's much envied (by me) cake tin. Isn't it sooooo cool?

Stella, our little helper

Lulu about to blow her first ever candle, precious

special time with mémée Wendy

let the party begin...

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  1. How adorable! A very sweet celebration for a very sweet little person. She will be very proud when she grows up to have such an artistic, resourceful and loving Mummy. x


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