30 May 2011

Zoe's collection of fabulous tea towels

We had so much fun at Zoe's again today.
Zoe is my friend who has a million (seriously!) collections in her attic.
When she opens the door to her attic, it's like she is opening the door to Ali Baba's cave and we enter this magical world full of wonders and treasures.

This morning, we discovered Zoe's collection of fabulous tea towels. The pictures below are only showing some of them, there were so many more and so little time to discover them all. Next time...

Zoe displaying her English pride...

Luciebelle liked these ones

I love this one

A Laura Ashley hand printed tea towel

Lulu decided that her own reflection was equally interesting

finally, Lulu's patience was rewarded with some special time with Zoe


  1. The attic is only magic when you are there! I am amazed by your photos, wow! Without you it looks like one big mess! x


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