19 July 2011


it was the french national day / le 14 juillet / bastille day after all... so we had to have some escargots (snails). oh oui! first time for the boys. thomas was quiet about it, he likes everything french so he reserved his judgment until he tried them. aston was adamant he would not try them. well, they both did. eh oui! oh la la!... thomas loved them, aston liked one enough but wouldn't try two. we had to buy two dozens but only had 12 shells, so we had some more the day after. nick and i loved them, which was a surprise to me because i thought i might be a bit funny about them after so long not eating them. plus the memory of what happens to the poor things between the time they are caught to the time they make it to your plate, that kind of put me off. but no, they were delicious!!.... (I know what you will be thinking, but seriously, they ARE nice!!)

look at their beautiful shells, gorgeous.

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  1. Heh heh, brave boys! I ate every kind of animal entrail in France, and enjoyed them all, but I could never bring a snail to my lips!


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