30 July 2011

flea market finds

today's the last day of the children's holiday, and i feel i need one too now.
we've all been sick, so we only managed three outings, including one in the rain and cold, and the rest of the time has been spent indoors, holding a sick baby (now, she was sick the entire time...), and trying to entertain two boys.
i'm exhausted.
i've only managed to post a couple of times, and take the occasional photograph.
still, i managed to go opshopping here and there, on my way to and back from the doctors often!! here's what i found:

this tin is my favourite now, it's cheerful and fun

i really like this plate, green and cream with a bit of gold

i like the shape of the colander, not sure about the colour...
maybe, maybe not?

but this set of suitcases, oh i love it
i can't believe no one had grabbed them before me
i like them so much (it's more deep orange in reality than on photos)
that they are in my living room, thinking of using them as a side table

jolies, non?!

have a look at great finds here at Sophie's flea market finds.


  1. Love that tin! Those suitcases are soo cute!

    E :)

  2. Those flowers look like they are jumping out of that tin, I love it.

  3. Whoa, I LOVE all your finds, you certainly have a good eye! I hope you all have a better week this week, take care x

  4. those suitcases are ultimate perfection.

  5. Those suitcases are the ultimate lucky find - they're gorgeous!!

    Jem xXx

    P.S - love the tin too!

  6. Florence wow! Brilliant finds!x

  7. gorgeous sunny tin and suitcases too...

  8. the colander is a gem, if the colour's a little, well... but it is special though! and the plate also looks pretty darn 20's... lovely...

  9. Those suitcases ARE wonderful!

  10. The suitcases are mint..you are a lucky duck :)


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