20 July 2011

a special moment just for me...

yesterday, i had such a special moment, it didn't last long but it was so lovely.
i went outside to make the most of the sunshine in the middle of winter.
i sat on the wooden steps that go down to the lawn.
i had made myself of cup of milky (and very sweet) coffee and brought my favourite mag 'frankie'.
so i sat there, indulging in reading this great mag whilst sipping my coffee. bliss.
and then, i looked at the sun, closed my eyes, and soaked up the heat.
it instantly took me back home, at winter time, when i used to go skiing and stopping at a high altitude restaurant for a coffee and the same kind of behaviour would happen. devine. really.
i opened my eyes, there was no snow, just green trees and a baby calling for me.
i had been in heaven, and was happy to go back to normality.
just bliss.


  1. i love these moments. even a 5 minutes escape is enough before a return to normality.

  2. Lovely to take just a moment and dream!


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