13 April 2012

a few interesting bit and pieces

it's the school holidays, the weather has been a bit all over the place, but we've had some lovely days.  taking the kids for walks in the morning i find always helps relax  everyone and set us up for a lovely day.  yesterday we went to the beach to collect some flat round stones for a craft project (more on this one in a later post).  we went with our dear friends hannah, xandy, bella, and ethan.  

this week i have read 'the paris wife', a lovely book about ernest hemingway and his wife Hadley and their life in paris in the 1920s.  i love hemingway's writing (i specifically write his writing because after reading the book i'm not so sure about the man himself...!) so i found this book particularly interesting.  it's written by Hadley herself and  she gives a very interesting insight into the parisian life of artists at that time. but it's also and mainly a book about their love story and she talks about it beautifully.   you can read a synopsis of the book by clicking here.

i stumble upon this lovely blog this week, called 'lola nova', it's creative, pretty, interesting, and the photos are fun.  check it out by clicking here.
happy weekend! xx

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