30 April 2012

Treasured finds of the week

just the other day i was complaining about the lack of 
interesting things in our local opshops.
the opshopping gods must have heard me, because on saturday
i went opshopping, only to a couple of shops,
and i was very lucky to find a couple of things
i am delighted it.
then, the same day, my sister in law
dropped by with a boot full of goodies
and i could add to my collection of 
all things vintage, amongst others 
a beautiful crochet blanket with a twist,
and some bbq plates
i was getting worried that was it,
there was never going to be much vintage stuff around
and all i could do to boost my vintage happiness level
was to go on to sophies' flea market finds (here)
and look at others' finds, which are generally amazing.  
there's still hope!
have a wonderful week

my favourite find - an old aqua typewritter, my first ever (and it works)
i love heidi - found this gorgeous storybook and an old book+record
a sweet painting
another mirror for my collection (actually found by my mother in law wendy
those gorgeous bbq plates, must use them on our dinner table one night
my favourite crochet blanket so far, with black all around, thank you megan!


  1. type writer is such a lovely colour!!

  2. i love that crochet blanket. so beautiful and the colour of the typewriter is fantastic too!

  3. Great finds - I especially love the crochet blanket and the Heidi book - brings back lots of memories.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Wahoo - great finds! Love it all!

  5. The crochet blanket is simply amazing, lots of my favorite orange color combinations! I'm liking New Zealand thrifting!

    1. it's funny you should comment about nz thrifting because i keep thinking that i should plan a trip to the us to go thrifting as you guys always find the most amazing things, like vintage pyrex and cathrineholm beauties, and much much more! lol. thanks for visiting my blog x

  6. Wow! The blanket is beautiful! And the typewriter is so nice, I have a vintage heidi book too, I used to love the television show when I was a kid :)


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