22 April 2012

Treasured finds

what does one have to do around here to find some good stuff in opshops?!!  i haven't found anything really exciting in ages, so i was very much looking forward to our trip to wellington.  we stayed with friends in an area that has (only!!) 5 opshops in a little stetch of road.  i was feeling quite positive when i packed all the kids in the car, and off we went opshopping.  but.  nothing.  very sad.  it's only one hour before we left wellington that we were told where the good opshops are...  So, we will be back wellington!  however, on our way home, we found a lovely retro second hand shop, actually they had everything there that i want in my house... so we spent a bit of money.  nicholas spent the most with the coolest retro petrol can.  i found the loveliest little pixie books for Lulu.  i couldn't resist the little pale pink school chair, and that little bambi was begging me to take it home, as for the retro orange bread bin i had been looking for one just like that for ages so i didn't mind too much the price i had pay for it (well, a little bit, but still it looks nice in my house).  the problem is that i have come home wanting to opshop even more, there are some things i must find!! in the meantime, i admire the treasures found this week by other players at her library adventures's flea market finds (here).  have a look, there's some great stuff there.  xx



  1. Oh no - I hope the op shop gods shine down on you soon! How frustrating! You should come to Hamilton!
    What you ended up with is cool though - nice finds!

  2. Op shopping is a bit addictive! Love the little chair - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I would have taken that chair home too, its sweet x

  4. I think there are so many things you can do to that chair. Great items!


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