19 August 2011

bread sticks

yesterday, as lulu was going through my 'collection' of recipe books (meaning the few i own!), and as i was busily running around trying to prevent the heavy volumes from falling on her and hurt her, we found a recipe for bread sticks which i thought would be great for her (meaning instead of the sweet cereal bars she loves...). they were actually much fun to make, and i made a mental note to make them with the boys for i thought they'd really enjoy the bit where you roll the little balls of dough on the table with your palms to turn them into long, think sticks. they were yummy and so easy. basically, it's just a normal bread recipe (or maybe pizza dough, so very easy) and after the rising of the dough, you make some little plum size balls and roll them between your hands. in the oven at 180 degrees celcium for 15 minutes or so, and your done. yummy! all the children liked them, from 9 years old to 1 year old, and so did the adults! they are quite addictive, like at the restaurant when you are waiting for your meal.

the recipe

the end result

my little helper


  1. OOO! I am so going to copy. They did taste marvelous,smelt heavenly and sound fun to make. Your pictures should be in a cook book! They are delicious too! x

  2. Beautiful shots - love the middle one - it does look like it should be in a cooking magazine. Love the POV and the lighting.


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