13 August 2011

scavenger hunt sunday

i'm so pleased i discovered ashley sisk's blog and her scavenger hunt sunday (here); i can see myself becoming addicted to it. i enjoy thinking about the themes, taking the photos, and then discovering how other people interpreted the themes and indulging in looking at some of the beautiful photographs they have taken. what a great community of people who enjoy photography: you are all so inspiring and uplifting.
the themes this week were: against the light, frame within a frame, best part of my day, buttons, and ink. here are my photos:

agains the light:

this one was actually taken last summer.
it is winter at the moment here in nz
so i wouldn't make my boy run naked in the garden at the moment!!

frame within a frame:

i like things within things, so i enjoyed taking this picture

best part of the day:

there are so many best parts of the day...
but i love those beautiful winter late afternoons
when the sun shines on one side of the sky
and there are dark grey clouds
on the other side (it happens a lot around here),
and the light is just amazing.
it makes the trees look unbelievably beautiful.


quite a few vintage buttons in my favourite vintage jar


fountain pens are the best pens,
shame children here in nz
don't learn to write with them at school

thanks for stopping by.
have a great week!


  1. I also have vintage buttons in a jar - they are so pretty!!! :)

  2. I have pen envy, great shot!

  3. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  4. your frame within - - a mirror? What's the secret? Great shots, all. And yes, addictive hunts :-)

  5. beautiful, they are all great but the frame photo would be my favorite! thanks so much for stopping by! so glad you joined in the on the scavenger hunt, it is addicting!! I love what you wrote.. for me the best part is making new blogger friends and enjoying other peoples words and photos! there is such a creative community on here!

  6. my son was totally asking for a fountain pen and I couldn't find one anywhere!

  7. This IS addictive, isn't it! My third week participating. I don't go anywhere without my camera now! :). Gorgeous set. Love the composition of your ink photo in particular.


  8. your frame within a frame shot is amazing, my favorite that i've seen in this week's scavenger hunt. great pen, kids here in the u.s. don't learn to use them either

  9. It is pretty addictive, isn't it? I'm loving your first shot. It's got a bit of magic to it. Love that.

  10. Fantastic set, love your frame, but they are all wonderful!
    Thanks for visiting me @ Chasing Rainbows and your lovely comment.

  11. I am amazed by your first shot. In my opinion has the perfect light.


I love reading your comments. Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly beautiful people out there. Thank you.