10 August 2011

my creative space: crochet flowers

when i was looking at everyone's creations some weeks ago on our creative spaces, i discovered this fantastic blog, dedicated to crochet, heaven!, called annemarie's breiblog (here). it's one of the most inspiring crochet blogs i have seen around, the creations are cute, the instructions are clear, the work is beautifully presented, and the photography is lovely. have a look at the site, it's cool. one of the patterns that drew my attention was for making crochet flowers. i had been looking at making some for a while, and when i saw the ones on annemarie's blog, i was hooked (!!). i am planning to make a bunting for lulu's room, hopefully finished for the next round of our creative spaces. here's what i have done so far. work in progress...

when i am not trying to find a bit of time to crochet a flower or two, i spend my time taking photos. here are a couple i took this morning.

have a look at all these amazing creative people and their wonderful work here


  1. i especially love your space today Florence, so beautiful and I have a special love for hearts of any kind. those are beautiful ♥

  2. you know I meant those flowers ...:)

  3. Wow Florence, as busy weaving magic as ever! Those are divine! I love the idea of stringing them into a bunting. The end result will be sensational, I can't wait to see it! I love the muted colour scheme too.
    Looking back over your entries too I am simply awed by your photography skills, wow you are so gifted. It is exciting to hear you own your talent and start to run with it. I still remember back to those early morning works, me huffing and puffing heavily pregnant and you on the cusp of a big change.. leaving your job to pursue you passion of photography, hasn't the journey been so rich? A few bends in the road.. but is the journey not the destination that matters in the end is it no?! Okay, that was epic, I should write on my own blog!

  4. I love these crochet flowers! Its great when you find a blog that you love!

  5. Oh such stunning shots! And such pretty colours together. My little 'chickens' would be over the moon if I could crochet these sweet little flowers. With little girls there are a hundred and one uses for them. Right, I'm off to check out that site, thanks for the link. : )

  6. I first stopped in last Sunday for Scavenger Hunt, came back today to have another look. I see we have photography and crocheting in common! Thanks for the link to the crochet blog. I am definitely checking it out!


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