27 August 2011

flea market finds

bonjour mes amies!
this week i only allowed myself to go to one opshop, where i found some little white plates and a couple of slightly bigger ones for the boys. i also found a piece of material to be used to cover food. that's in preparation for the many picnics i am planning for my family this summer. i bought some duraware falcon plates and cups from trademe some time ago, i have the basket, and other bits and pieces, so the piece of fabric together with the one i found last week and the one i already have will complete the set nicely.
a couple of weeks ago i finally found our dining table from the second hand shop - i am told it is an old art table from a school, it is 80cm wide and 240cm long, just what i was looking for. i sanded it, polyurithaned it, et voila, it's now in our house, we had our first breakfast on it this morning and all loved using it. we need more chairs now... there's always a good excuse to go opshopping, isn't there?!!

this retro sheet is a treasure from last week's hunt

the piece of fabric with embroidered flowers
from last week

the piece of fabric i found this week

medium size plates for the boys

i liked these little white plates, they are all similar and yet
they are all slightly different from each other

and...the table

if you like vintage, old, used, or simply cheap objects, check out sophies' flea market finds to see many many more opshop finds.

have a wonderful week and see you all here next sunday.



  1. I love your table, I am working on one now and hope it turns out as lovely as yours.

  2. The Opshop certainly provided lots of treasures for you. The table looks great, and set with the thrifted plates i'm sure it looks complete. x

  3. what a gorgeous sheet in the first pic! that table is incredible, just beautiful. floral plates are icing on the cake for me. xx

  4. The table looks amazing, clever you (finding and fixing up cleverness there!). Very lovely food-covering fabrics; and the white plates make me drool and there is not even any food on them yet, ha!

  5. Very awesome table, you've make it look all brand new in a funky old way!

  6. Wonderful finds! Especially love those plates and the table!

  7. I love that sheet and your table looks amazing, you did a great job!

    E :)

  8. That table is so beautiful and I love the retro sheet, very nice.

  9. oh the table looks fantastic!!! Lovely job! I really like the little mix of pretty white plates too.

  10. I am beyond jealous re table. Where do you live? Were there two?

  11. you know, i'm pretty sure the table is an old school art table. it's actually quite tall so we are going to have to shorten the legs a bit. thank you all for the lovely comments. x

  12. That table is awesome! I love it :D

  13. The table!! Worth the wait!! Congrats!


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