28 August 2011

i heart faces photo challenge: white

the photo challenge this week on i heart faces is white. not black and white, but the colour white. it has to be a main feature of the photo, and of course a face has to be there to! for my photo, i decided to photograph one of my boys holding a bowl full of icing sugar (i thought it would be more fun for him than flour...) and blowing on it so that little particules of white would be flying everywhere, therefore creating the white effect all around him. we had a lot of fun doing the shoot, and aston was delighted because as a reward he was allowed to eat some of the icing sugar! here is my entry:

make sure you go and check out the other entries (
here), there's going to be amazing photos i'd say!


  1. Such an interesting shot - I really like it.

  2. What a cool idea to get your 'white' photo, and looks like it would have been really fun to do!

  3. Lovely photo!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Great idea! Love the effect from the sugar.

  5. Florence - what a creative idea for a shoot! Love the results - your choice of composition and the beautiful cloud of sugar.

  6. You rock! Very creative and a beautiful shot. Love how the sun is backlighting it all. Bravo!


I love reading your comments. Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly beautiful people out there. Thank you.